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736 16-04-2015 11:47 Peter Thomson
Visa to travel from Russia to England
My girlfriend is coming over for a holiday.
Now she is to she has to show $3000 to come over it is me who will be looking after her and I will be saporting her at all times. Is there a way that I con show you that I am in full time employment and I earn over ВЈ405 a week. I you could help us sort this out I would be grateful.
Her name is Anzhela Kamaeva from Sarapul
she will be travelling from Sarapul to Moscow then to England on 17th April Friday
you can phone me on 07507305721 England or email me
thank you
Peter Thomson
ответ: 16-04-2015 11:56
Good afternoon, Peter Thomson.
Thank you for contacting our company.
We can not wait to help your girlfriend visa to the UK.
Today we will contact you for your email.
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