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663 17-10-2014 04:58 DAVID CATTERALL
Account documents
My friend is wanting to visit me and stay with me for 1 month they have been told they have to show a bank account with over $7oo in and show that an amount of $100 per day to cover the trip. They do not have a bank account or statement showing this. They are staying with me at my apartment no cost involved they are my guest. How do they solve this problem of showing a bank account with over $700 in when they don't have one. i can be their guarantor for them staying with me for 30 days in England. Can you please give advise ASAP all flight documents and travel papers are ready and passport is ready for them to travel it is a matter of providing this documents. many thanks david
ответ: 17-10-2014 10:19
Good afternoon, DAVID CATTERALL.
You can act as a guarantor, if you know her relatives. Bank statement, a mandatory document for filing. It is necessary to solve this problem! Put money into your account and take the extract. Otherwise, it can serve as a refusal of a visa, if you do not show enough money for the trip.
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